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Roll-On/Roll-Off is used for cargo that cannot be loaded by conventional cranes, or in
remote areas where no cranes are available.

Dos Bocas Project

Four (4) turbines weighing 440 MT each roll onto a 300'x100'x20' ocean deck barge using specialty super heavy haul self-propelled trailers. The barge is ballasted with water to maintain a level surface for loading and unloading, and is equipped with special heavy-duty portable ramps.

The turbines were loaded in Houston, TX and delivered to the project site in Dos Bocas, Mexico for PEMEX.

Heavy lift tower rolling on a 250 X 72 ft. ABS deck barge from the U.S. gulf coast to U.S. west coast of California via the Panama Canal under U.S. Jones Act tug and barge.

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