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Born in Texas and the Grandson of an early 1900’s Texas Ranger, Hal D. McWhorter, is the founder and owner of Dean Maritime, Ltd. Co., known worldwide as an unconventional and mission driven Marine Transport Specialist. Specialty Ocean Transports with difficult missions require the experience and wisdom of accessing the appropriate, the safest, and the cost efficient application for the specific maritime project. With over 38 years of hands-on experience in over 42 countries throughout the world, very few individuals have the hands-on experience to shepherd your specialty marine transport and/or marine project to successful conclusion.       


Available 24/7 worldwide.

Chart House
32 Pinedale St.

Houston, Texas 77006

tel: 713-526-1102 

fax: 713-526-1104 

cell: 713-829-1404 

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