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Dean Maritime, Ltd. Co., is an International Maritime Consultant with over 38 years of experience. Marine Services include and involve Extreme and Unconventional Cargoes, with concentration in remote areas of the world and involve Specialty Transport Vessels;  including semi-submersible, float-on/float-off ships, large ocean going deck barges, roll-on/roll-off operations, and designed for heavy/extreme cargoes.


As Owner and Principal, Hal D. McWhorter has successfully completed projects in over 42 countries around the world and include; Vessel Operations and Management of semi-submersible, float-on/float-off operations with the largest specialty ship owners in the industry and have included numerous remote operation(s) in W. Africa, E. Africa, S. Africa, the remote river systems in Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and the Amazon River regions in Brazil, the Panama Canal, Colombia, Middle East, Madagascar, East Mediterranean, E. Coast Canada and Nova Scotia and the remote Mississippi River region(s) in the USA, to highlight a few.


Hands on Services include; International Ship Yard Negotiation and Ship Yard project management,  Engineering/Naval Architectural Design coordination, specialty operations management for covert Vessel Extraction and ship re-possession including high level security protection for management and executives and other forms of Project Management and Procurement. Ship Brokering/Sale & Purchase. Dean Maritime, has negotiated new ship building programs for specialty purpose-built vessels and fleet expansion programs for large Ship Owning and Logistics companies, guided for the financial structuring and funding options through boutique investment banking and lending companies.

Chart House
32 Pinedale St.

Houston, Texas 77006

tel: 713-526-1102 

fax: 713-526-1104 

cell: 713-829-1404 

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